The Autumn Addiction Taxidermy is a sole proprietorship. I don't have employees. I don't outsource work other than tanning. I use the best tanneries I can find and I let them know that I hold them to a high standard because I strive to provide nothing less than top notch results to my clients. I don't switch out or replace damaged or poor quality capes and hides without client approval. You will never bring me a buck with a double throat patch and unexpectedly get back a mount with a single throat patch. Not all hides are properly cared for in the field, and because nobody is perfect, accidents happen at all tanneries. This is a reality that every taxidermist faces. So on rare occasions, clients do have to be notified that a replacement cape will be needed in order to mount that buck. In this unlikely event, clients WILL be contacted, not disrespected by receiving a cape that isn't their own.

My goal is to exceed your expectation of quality while producing a mount that captures the memory of the hunt that you cherish and want to share with family and friends. I want you to like that mount every time you see it, so I put my best effort into every mount. I don't cut corners to save time and I don't buy the cheapest parts to increase profit. Capturing the exact pose and emotion in the mount that you envision in your head can be difficult, but that is my goal. I don't want it to be "a mount" I want it to be "your mount". 

 The Autumn Addiction Taxidermy began in 2007 in my garage in Junction City, Oregon. Because I am a very lucky man to have an awesome wife, in 2013, we upgraded to a better piece of property, in a better neighborhood, in Brownsville, Oregon, with an actual shop dedicated to taxidermy. It is not yet a full-time occupation with set hours and you won't get a receptionist on the phone. I'm here a lot of the time, but sometimes I'm not. I hunt, fish, and love the outdoors as much as you do. Please call me on the phone or send a text and wait for a response if you are driving a distance to come see me.

I am a member of the Oregon Association of Taxidermists and served as the Secretary and Treasurer of that organization for a couple of years. I have attended their show and competition every year since 2005. I have entered the competition in several of those years and have come away with one blue ribbon and all the red ribbons I ever care to have. I learn from competing and I learn new ways to improve the quality of a mount with every mount I finish. I continue to put a competition quality effort into every mount I do. I improve my skills with every passing year and hope to always do so.


Bryan Bradburn




Killed May 31, 2005 with Remington 7MM at 45 yards

Mounted in 2008


Killed November 21, 2010 with Hoyt Havoc at 30 yards

Mounted in 2011